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This is a website that dedicated to the search for great health and beauty products as well as developing a healthy mind; a healthy lifestyle for all now.

Healthy body + healthy mind = a happier you.

We are all told to eat this, drink that, or don’t eat that or drink the other, do this exercise, no do this one, read this book or that.

At this site we will give you some links to other sites and products we have found useful and have helped us or others we know.

We will review books, exercise routines and the latest news etc.

In our own way we are looking to help you be a better healthier you.



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How do you know what is the right exercise? How do you know what is the right diet? What healthy supplement should you take and which ones are just placebos?

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Evolution Slimming Ltd

From high protein to low fat, for extreme fitness and interval training, from vitamin C to vitamin Z, from yoga to pilates, from meditation to kick boxing. There are many ways to stay fit and healthy, there are many experts and many ways to Live a Healthy Life Now.

So which way is right for you? It is so easy to get confused with all the noise about living healthy now so much so that you end up not really doing anything properly and just skipping from one FAD to the next.


The world is full of experts. This website is run by novices that like to try new things and share them with you, so come in take off your shoes and find your way around our site.